Architectual Whiteboards

If you’re looking for a whiteboard to complement your office décor, look no further. We offer four different whiteboards across our architectural whiteboard range. These boards are designed to be a fixed feature within the office, perfect for maximising the space across walls and even acting as dividers between office spaces.

Each of our whiteboards comes with free delivery and a set of  free coloured markers for every board purchased.


Edge LX800 Whiteboard Architectural (Magnetic)

This leading-edge whiteboard is the ultimate minimalist accessory in your office. With no visible fixings, you can combine several together to maximise your wall space and provide a complete office communication tool. This whiteboard has a long-lasting porcelain whiteboard surface that comes with a 25-year surface guarantee.

The porcelain whiteboard surface is resistance to scratches and stains, making it the ideal whiteboard for heavy use in the areas of your office that experience those intense brain-storming sessions that need ample space for jotting down creative ideas.

LX7000 EDGE aluminium frame

This powder coated frame whiteboard is available in pearl, white or black varieties. The aluminium frame can be powder coated in most colours to suit your office décor or tie in with your brand.

Its slim, unobtrusive frame means more space for ideas and it will blend in seamlessly with your office walls.

LX8000 EDGE aluminium frame

This large whiteboard comes with all the same features as the LX700, but with the added benefit of a magnetic surface. The magnetic surface creates the perfect communication board for your office to leave important notes.

Pearl, white and black board surfaces are available, and the aluminium frame can be powder coated to fit your individual preference.

‘Edge’ Architectural Framed Whiteboards

This is our top-of-the-range designer whiteboard, with its sleek and sophisticated style making it the perfect addition to your modern office workspace or boardroom. It has a satin silver edgeless frame and hidden mounting brackets for the cleanest possible finish. This whiteboard can also be seamlessly added to others for a large whiteboard area in spaces that require a seamless communication wall.

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