Combination Boards

Combination whiteboards are an excellent solution to mixed communication needs, featuring both a magnetic whiteboard and a high quality corkboard within the one product. These boards can be utilised in either portrait or landscape formats, making them a great addition to any office or home environment as an effective combination display.

The whiteboard features a premium magnetic display with a fixed tray for easy storage of markers. Erasing is a breeze and all standard whiteboard markers and erasers may be used on this surface. The pin board features a sturdy corkboard with self-healing properties that will safely hold many securing items such as pins, tacks and staples. The durable multi-mode display is perfect for any occasion due to its natural and professional appearance. The frame of the board features rounded plastic corners for safety, minimising the risk of any damage to your property or documents. Both the whiteboard and pin board feature slim and stylish framing, hanging eyelets and are inclusive of any hardware needed to ensure that you can hang your board as soon as you wish. The surface of both boards is premium quality, ensuring seamless erasing on the marker board and longevity of the cork surface. The combination boards are a great investment for a number of businesses, including restaurants, community centres, offices, and classrooms. Additionally, combination boards are a great way to organise your home environment and daily tasks in a space saving manner. 

Combination boards allow you to create a fully functional messaging and communication platform that can be shared with others with minimal effort. There are a range of styles and sizes available through our online store and you are welcome to speak with a representative to choose the most suitable display for your needs. Our whiteboard and pin board combination offers you the best of both worlds. Whether you’re simply jotting down notes or pinning invoices, this is a great product to optimise organisation of your daily duties.

Our products are distributed Australia-wide and our delivery and installation services are also available across the country. We offer a money back guarantee and 30 day returns service – no questions ask. You can rest assured knowing your products are covered by our 25-year Australian warranty.

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