Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are the ideal solution for modern communication, offering a revolutionary and stain free writing surface that can be written upon by any standard whiteboard market. Clear magnetic whiteboards are a contemporary alternative to traditional whiteboards, highlighted by the elegance and translucency of quality glass. Magnetic glass whiteboards are the latest product in the whiteboard range, best suited for a number of environments such as meeting rooms, formal boardrooms, training venues and home settings. Erasing is effortless with any standard whiteboard marker and eraser when using a premium magnetic glass whiteboard.

Magnetic whiteboards provides a modern and sleek look to the office with no visible fixings, providing a cohesive and uninterrupted writing surface. These clear boards are ideal for holding marketing material, drawings, plans etc and are the perfect asset to compliment any stylish office or home environment. Each board allows for a custom design, perfectly suited to any ideas or designs you may have in mind. Whiteboards Australia are pleased to offer this new technology to customers, incorporating toughened safety glass which is eight times stronger than standard glass and available in a variety of sizes. Whiteboards Australia has a large variety of clear glass whiteboards that are sure to impress and enhance your business or personal projects. Glass whiteboards offer a custom method of communication that is both innovative and stylish due to its translucent design. The clear whiteboards feature a magnetic backing which is strong enough to hold large posters, as well as a hardened glass surface that will never tarnish or deteriorate due to its toughened, nonporous surface. Glass whiteboards will never stain or absorb ink, even permanent markers. Whilst delivering the aesthetics you are hoping for, we will also provide you with a complimentary set of whiteboard markers with your purchase. We understand that effective communication is key to a successful business and with a wide variety of styles and dimensions to choose from, Whiteboards Australia will make sure you are always kept up to date with your memos, notes and projects.


Our products are distributed Australia-wide and our delivery and installation services are also available across the country. We offer a money back guarantee and 30 day returns service – no questions ask. You can rest assured knowing your products are covered by our 25-year Australian warranty.



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