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Mobile whiteboards are versatile, innovative in design and an ideal accompaniment to both educational or corporate environments, as well as personal use. Whiteboards Australia offers a number of unique mobile whiteboards without the expensive price tag, easily accessible through our online store. Mobile whiteboards are essentially a whiteboard on wheels, meaning that the large surface area of the whiteboard can be moved without difficulty in order to accommodate to all of your writing needs. Mobile whiteboards can be locked and secured once they are adjusted to their desired position, further stabilising the board for an added level of comfort and security. These whiteboards also feature lockable wheels for added peace of mind. A permanent pen tray is incorporated into each whiteboard, and you will receive a free set of whiteboard markers with your purchase. Displays are made from light, yet durable materials to ensure both longevity of your product and easy movement and utilisation for those using the product.

The perfect addition to a collaborative team environment, mobile whiteboards are double sided, providing twice the functional space and material of a traditional board. The large surface area allows for various methods to display your information and communicate to those around you. If you are tight on wall space and you are looking to find a more portable solution to your writing needs, a mobile whiteboard is an excellent investment. Whether you are organising your daily task list or planning your next business meeting, Whiteboards Australia have the perfect product to make your projects easier and more affordable. We are proud to offer different sizes and styles of mobile whiteboards which can be easily purchased online. Each style provides ample writing space and guaranteed customer satisfaction. These whiteboards on wheels utilise a premium whiteboard service to provide top notch quality for your business or personal tasks.

Our products are distributed Australia-wide and our delivery and installation services are also available across the country. We offer a money back guarantee and 30 day returns service – no questions ask. You can rest assured knowing your products are covered by our 25-year Australian warranty.

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