Projection whiteboards

Projection whiteboards offer a low glare finish that enable you to showcase your presentation against a crisp and clean backdrop, whilst also providing the ideal surface for idea generation and strategic planning needs. These whiteboards are the perfect addition to any boardroom or meeting room needing a clean, white space to project company presentations onto.

Our projection whiteboards come in glassboard and porcelain whiteboard varieties. Glassboards are an increasingly popular choice for modern offices due to their sleek appearance and the range of sizes they come in to fit any office area. Porcelain whiteboards are designed to stand the test of time with scratch and stain resistance and a sophisticated finish. The long-lasting, hard-wearing nature of porcelain whiteboards makes them an appealing option to endure board and meeting room agendas.

We offer our whiteboards direct, with our glassboard and porcelain whiteboards online, and custom whiteboards available on request.

Each of our whiteboards comes with free delivery for ground floors within Australia. We also offer a set of free coloured markers for every board purchased.



The slim frame of the magnetic projection glassboard with completely hidden fixtures makes this the perfect feature in the office. It can be easily removed at any time, making it the ideal whiteboard for moving around meeting rooms and boardrooms. It features magnetic glass which runs to the edge of the slim-line frame. Order our glassboard whiteboard online here.

We offer custom solutions to suit your office, with white and black powder coated frames for the glassboard whiteboard available on request. Contact us for your custom whiteboard needs.

Porcelain whiteboard

The porcelain projection whiteboard is your ultimate boardroom companion. Featuring a satin silver border with black moulded corners, this heavy duty whiteboard has a 25-year guarantee on its surface quality.

It’s ideal for a managerial office or boardroom where projection needs are at their highest. It offers a sleek whiteboard that can handle the wear from heavy use. You can order this whiteboard direct or contact us to discuss your custom whiteboard needs here.

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