Standard whiteboards

Our standard whiteboard range caters for your typical personal and commercial use needs, with magnetic whiteboard and porcelain whiteboard varieties available. These whiteboards are suited for areas where medium use of a whiteboard is required. Both whiteboards have a magnetic board surface with accompanying warranties. They are ideal communication tools, with the magnetic boards allowing space for those notes that need to be left a little longer.


The magnetic whiteboard is designed for light to medium use and therefore is suitable for use in both the home or office, in rooms where a whiteboard is required on a semi-regular basis. We recommend the porcelain whiteboard for locations where the whiteboard will be required for frequent and heavy use, such as within schools and medical facilities, or high traffic areas within an office.


Each of our whiteboards comes with free delivery and a set of 4 free coloured markers for every board purchased. Buy the whiteboard to suit your needs here.


Magnetic Whiteboard

The hard-wearing magnetic surface of our magnetic whiteboard is ideal for general use application in the home or office. We recommend the magnetic whiteboard for light to medium whiteboard use, with its magnetic board guaranteed for 8 years. The magnetic whiteboard is suitable for use with dry wipe pens. It can be mounted landscape or portrait to fit your home or office space. It is complete with an aluminium frame with concealed corner mounting, fixings and pen tray.

Porcelain Whiteboard

Our porcelain (vitreous enamel) whiteboards are ideal for heavy duty use, and come with a long-life, 25-year guarantee on the magnetic board surface. The porcelain whiteboard surface is resistant to both scratches and stains. Due to its hard-wearing nature, we recommend the porcelain whiteboard for use in high traffic locations such as schools, higher education, conference centres and medical facilities.

The porcelain whiteboard has a full-length aluminium pen tray to complement its standard aluminium frame with a galvanised steel sheet backing. It’s designed for practicality, with a long-wearing surface to take the heavy impact of daily use and a strong, functional frame to hold it all together.

Buy the whiteboard to suit your needs online here.

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